MY ROLE MY CHURCH - My Calling: Be A Disciple

MY CALLING: BE A DISCIPLE - Matthew 28:19-20; Acts 2:36-42

2 Questions To Save My Life:

1. Am I a disciple of Jesus?
• Before I go, I have to come. (v. 19a)
• Before I baptize, I have to be baptized. (v. 19b)
• Before I teach, I have to learn. (v. 20)

2. How can I be sure today?
• When I realize God's grace, I am ready to repent of my sin. (v. 36-38a)
• When I repent of my sin, I am ready to receive the promise. (v. 38b-40)
• When I receive the promise, I am ready to reveal my commitment. (v. 41-42)