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We believe that Small Groups are vital to our mission of making disciples.

Do you want to grow, walk with Christ, and have community and accountability in your life?

Join a Small Group.

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WedWednesdaySepSeptember3rd2014 Harvest Students 09/03/2014 Join us for our weekly gathering as we engage with God, God's Word, God's people, and God's world! Time: 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM Location: Harvest Offices 493 37th St NE Rochester, MN 55906-4299
SunSundaySepSeptember7th2014 Sunday Worship 09/07/2014 Sunday Worship Join us as we lift high the name of Jesus and boldy proclaim His truth! You will be asked to do two things every week: worship in spirit & truth, and OPEN YOUR BIBLES. Head on over... More
FriFridaySepSeptember19th2014 Harvest Men's Conference 2014 09/19/2014 The objectives of the 2014 Harvest Men's Conference are to teach men what Christ demands of them, give men practical ways to strive towards Christ's definition of manhood and send men back to impact... More
SunSundayOctOctober19th2014 Harvest University 2014 New 10/19/2014 Pursue that promise with renewed passion, clarified vision, and the unconquerable power of prayer. Attend HarvestU 2014, Harvest Bible Fellowship’s annual ministry training conference. Hear... More
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