Harvest Kids provides care and spiritual direction for children from birth through 5th grade.

Our desire as a ministry of Harvest Rochester is to come alongside parents and guardians to equip, support, and inspire them as the primary spiritual leader in the lives of their children. Our role at Harvest Kids is to supplement the teaching supplied in the home with Biblical lessons, small group interaction, and live worship in order to help children understand who God is and what Jesus has done for them.



Energetic Worship

We love to lift Jesus’ name high in worship and kids do this better than anyone.  

Kids learn both new and old songs, and hand motions to help them engage.

Creative Bible Teaching

We strive to captivate the hearts and imaginations of kids by creatively telling them the stories of the greatest book ever written…the Bible.  We use discussions, activities and crafts to help kids connect and apply God’s word to their lives.  


We aren’t meant to do life alone.  We find it important to help kids build friendships, so kids are grouped by age and grade.  As families commit to attending the same service each weekend, your kids will see familiar faces, and their relationships will grow.


Classroom environments, materials, and activities have been designed in a way your child will understand.  Our desire is to make God’s word accessible to each age group.


When kids feel safe, they can relax and learn (and so can their parents!).  Each weekend your child is assigned a random code that matches to both their tag and your parent receipt.  All volunteers are screened through an interview and federal background check, and security personnel monitor each hallway.


Kids love fun, and when they’re having fun, they can’t wait to come back.  


When you enter through the front doors of John Marshall High School, you'll see a sign directing you downstairs to our check-in desk. Our Harvest Kids team would love to meet your family, register your child in our database, and connect you with a volunteer to show your child their classroom.

We'll ask for the following info: name, birthdate, address, phone number, and special instructions, like allergies.  

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We schedule volunteers to work for Christ each weekend in Harvest Kids. To find out where you can show the love of Jesus to the children who attend Harvest Bible Chapel, we encourage you to start by filling out an application.


Interested in dedicating your Child? Follow the link below!


Our weekly check-in process is simple and user-friendly. Just use one of our touchscreen tablets to search for your family by name or phone number, select the child you'd like to check in, and then grab the nametag and parent receipt that prints.

Each time you check in, a random security code will be generated and will appear on both your child's name tage receipt and your parent receipt. You child will wear the name tage portion and you'll keep the parent receipt for pick up.

In case we need to notify you during the service, your security code will appear on the screen in the worship center. Please exit the worship center immediately and a volunteer will escort you to your child's room.



Harvest Kids Coordinator