+ Why Small Groups?

  1. Small groups are Biblical.
    • The example of Jesus (Gospels). The primary focus of Jesus’ public ministry was not with the masses, but rather with a small group of guys that He did life with. This original small group changed the world!
    • The example of the early church (Acts 2:42-47). The early believers gathered at the temple and in homes. It wasn’t either/or. It was both/and. Biblical discipleship involves both worship services and times in small group.

  2. Small Groups are Practical
    • Provide Care. The best way to care for people personally and intentionally is through small groups. Small groups are a place not only to be known, but also loved!
    • Promote spiritual growth. Small groups are an additional step beyond our weekend worship services to grow in the Lord and in His Word.

  3. Small groups are the real work of the church
    • Harvest small groups are designed to challenge men and women to grow as faithful and fruitful followers of Jesus Christ. We aim to increase our capacity to worship Christ, walk with Christ, and work for Christ.
    • Small groups provide an environment where close-knit relationships are cultivated for the glory of God.

+ What Are Small Groups?

Our small groups are the primary pathway for you to build relationships with others at Harvest, to be cared for, to use your spiritual gifts, and to grow in your walk with Christ. Small groups meet weekly at host homes in various neighborhoods around the region. A typical small group meeting consists of a time of worship and prayer, Bible study, mutual ministry time (men with men, women with women) and fellowship. The biblical curriculum is typically common to all groups and has been filtered through Harvest leaders. Meetings are approximately two hours in length, and each group has a leader couple or single, an apprentice leader(s) as well as approximately 8 to 16 members. There are small groups that meet Sunday through Thursday evenings each week.


Do you have small groups specific to my age and/or circumstances? i.e. single; single parents; newlyweds etc.
We have small groups that are mixed groups with a cross-generational balance of men and women, married and singles. We also have men and ladies’ small groups. Our topics of study are biblical, relevant, and foster spiritual growth for each individual.

Do I have to be a member of the church to get into a small group?
Church membership is not required to be a part of a small group; however, to apply for church membership, commitment to a small group is necessary.

Is there a choice of study topics in small group?
The flock leaders and elders of the church approve the curriculum material in which all small groups at Harvest typically do the same study. We have found this to be the best way, not only to ensure the protection of our doctrine, but also to promote unity in the larger church body. However, we do offer quarterly study groups that are to be an addition to your normal small group for further and more specific discipleship. These study group typically last 5 to 9 weeks, and examples of these groups would be premarital counseling, Financial Peace University, parenting, apologetics, etc.

Can I bring my child to small group?
We kindly encourage families to try to find their own source of childcare outside of small group. However, we do have some small groups that have childcare during their group meeting in which the parents in the group come together to hire a sitter for the children.

+ What Will Be Asked of Me?

Since small group is a community of people doing life together, there are biblical principles and practical guidelines we ask all small group members to embrace when joining a small group.

I will be asked to commit to the Small Group contract.
I will be expected to abide by the Small Group covenant.


A variety of groups meet every day of the week in homes throughout our city and we'd love to help you get plugged-in to one that fits your schedule.

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