Seek Him In Fasting

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SEEK HIM IN FASTING - Various Passages

Fasting: Abstaining from food (or something else) for measured periods of time to increase my hunger for the things of God.

  1. We are all hungry for food (Matthew 4:1-4).
  2. Our appetite for food distracts us from God's will and work (John 4:1-8).
  3. We need to fast from food (or other things) in order to align our hearts with God's will and work (John 4:31-35).

By fasting we express our hunger and thirst for Jesus:

  •  to reign in our hearts and lives
  •  to revive our church, city and country
  •  to return to earth in glory

Practical Help:

Kinds of fasts:

  • Soul fast: refocus a specific area of your life - break into healthy balance
  • Selective fast: remove certain elements from your diet - no meat, no sugar
  • Partial fast: no food during specific times - 6am-3pm, sun up-sun down
  • Complete fast: no foods, only liquids - water or light juices

Keys to fasting:

  1. Have a purpose - reason to fast
  2. Make a commitment - choose kind of fast and set a time table
  3. Prepare myself physically and spiritually - gradually take food away, confess, filling, faith
  4. End your fast gradually - need to reawaken your digestive tract
  5. Do it regularly - make it a spiritual discipline