May 2017 Update

The elders would like to express our thankfulness to the members and friends of this church for a fruitful year of discipleship. God is building His church and we are grateful that you are part of it.

Each of the five elders has been actively discipling one to two other men who may be future leaders in our church. Through this process of meeting on a weekly basis, future leaders are being developed. Those leaders in turn are meeting with others to disciple as well. In the sermon series, “Unstoppable: The Power of Making Disciples” discipleship was emphasized to the church body, which is part of our 10-year vision as a church.  Whether you are discipling someone, or being discipled, we are making progress toward the mission of making disciples.

Roni Mugaki and the core team launched Harvest Minneapolis in February. We are grateful for the many of you who went to Minneapolis and encouraged them on their launch day. They were very encouraged by the support. Harvest Madison Wisconsin is growing their core team and are anticipating a potential launch in the fall of 2017. Pastor Dave Jacobsen, his wife Brie, and family are excited about the momentum that is building in Madison. Dave previously had been a staff pastor at Harvest Winston-Salem North Carolina before attending the training center in Elgin. Dave recently spent a week in Rochester learning from our staff about the foundations of launching a new church. Harvest Seattle Washington is beginning to start a core group led by Pastor Joe Penberthy. Brandon and Katie Gregor have seen doors open up from God to take them back to their home area. We are sending them out to assist with the start of this new group in Seattle. As elders, we would like to thank Brandon for His faithfully service as Director of Operations. As these churches get started we would ask for your prayers. Additionally, if God calls you to give to the churches or relocate to where a new church is being planted we would love to talk with you about that!

Since the beginning of the year each elder meeting has begun with fasting and prayer over potential building opportunities. We have seen through these prayers some very definite answers. Several doors have closed, for which we have offered gracious thanks for God’s direction. Currently there are a few potential opportunities that we are exploring.

Please pray with us in these specific areas:

  • Ask the Lord to use your testimony to advance his kingdom. We have been through a sermon series on preparing your testimony. Now that you have it in a short 3-5-minute format, use it boldly.

  • Continue to ask the Lord for the right building opportunity, at the right time, for our church. We continue to seek His wisdom and guidance in this pursuit.

  • In our Christian walk we face challenges to our beliefs, and the enemy of our souls would love to trip us up. Be strengthened by 1 Cor.15:58: “Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain.” Pray for the endurance of the saints, and stay in community with fellow believers.

*This is an update for January-April 2017

Harvest Bible Chapel is a church that is elder goverened and staff led. The men who currently serve as elders are Steve Buehler, Steve Deedrick, Ed Gaul, Ben Levno, and Chris Persons.We meet weekly on Wednesday evenings to pray over, discuss, and resolve various issues in our church pertaining to doctrine, direction, and discipline.In addition to these meetings, we desire to make ourselves available as shepherds to pray, counsel, encourage, and serve you. If you have needs,please feel free to seek us out. We are down front after each service and we would love to know and serve you.