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Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge - Preparing for the new women's facility

There will be a brand new facility to serve women opening at MNTC in Rochester late this year. This will allow the ministry to welcome women into their ministry programs currently offered for just men. Accommodating 80-90 women, the new addition will help MNTC continue to see the vision of those struggling with addiction to encounter the restoring hope that is a relationship with Jesus Christ.

There is an opportunity for a group to come alongside MNTC for a night as they make final preparations to open the facility. The group will be helping with basic assembly of beds and other furnishings as well as in other areas as needed throughout new building. Staff from MNTC will be there to lead in praying for the work God's doing now with the men, and the what's to come with the ladies. You'll hear about opportunities to serve and make disciples at MNTC through our partnership and their mentorship program.